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Haley Woolbright


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Haley Woolbright is an up and coming singer-songwriter creating songs infiltrated with a blend of acoustic/indie pop. Haley writes with the intention of sharing her heart through her music, and most importantly, keeping it real.

Music has always been a closet hobby for Haley, serving as an outlet for creativity and escape. It was not until her junior year of college that she truly started experimenting with songwriting; Haley has always enjoyed writing, so she began pairing her writing with her guitar playing. Songwriting is what opened the floodgates to Haley’s musical endeavors; since then she has begun performing weekly. Now chasing a childhood dream of hers, Haley is actively pursuing a music career as a new artist.




Journey to Me - EP Digital Booklet

Journey to Me - EP

Digital Booklet

Fear - Single

Fear - Single

Love Like That - Single

Love Like That - Single

Compass - Single

Compass - Single


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